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Elephant Camp 

- feeding

- walking

- swimming

included: snack (½ day) or meal (1 day)

Loolu Elephant camp (½ or 1 Day)

Of course, if you go to the Chiang Mai Zoo, you'll see elephants. But the pleasure of meeting the world's largest mammal on land is multiplied when the encounter takes place in its natural environment, the Asian jungle. With Loolu, you won't go to large structures offering dozens of elephants to an unlimited number of tourists. Loolu favours small family camps, run by Karen people - like him - with a maximum of three or four elephants, including baby elephant, who meet 9 people at most (often much less). They therefore have every interest in respecting their pachyderm (whose medical care is expensive).

You will go to a camp near Chiang Mai. Once changed into Mahout, you will receive an explanation of the lifestyle of the elephants in contact with. You will have the pleasure of feeding them (with sugar cane or bananas) and then walking with them to a watering point. And it's time for an entertaining mud bath with the elephants, often players :) then it will be time to say goodbye to the elephants and return to Chiang Mai, with precious memories to take home.

Two options::

⦿ Half day (departure 1pm, come back around 6pm; snack with refreshment included).
Price from 2 participants: THB 1,900/pax (
THB 1,600 only from 3 pax up)

⦿ Full day (departure 18.30am, come back around 6pm; meal included).
Price from 2 participants: THB 2,900/pax (THB 2,400 only from 3 pax up)

As you will have understood, two things differentiate these variants: the meal and especially the time spent with the elephants. Ideally, you should bring insecticide, bathing suit and towel, as well as spare clothing.

You can call us +66 83 566 2333
(phone / iMessage / What's App)

Prices are all inclusive (accident insurance, transfer, travel, meals or snack with fruit and drink (water), various activities, and English-speaking local guide).

2 persons minimum, 9 maximum. Non contractual photos. Subject to change due to circumstances.​

Be careful: any cancellation on your part occurring less than 7 days before the date of the trek will be invoiced 50% of the sale price, an amount that you undertake to pay via PayPal.

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