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Khantoke dinner

Khantoke is like a special dinning that exits from a really long time as Thailand traditions. You’ll be dinning from a Khan (bowl), a ware for serve food and water from old tradition. Toke, a circular wooden tray set on pedestal that serves as a table while sitting down to enjoy delicious food and eat with one’s fingers as is part of daily life here in the north. You’ll also be entertained by delicate movements Thai dancers and step back to an amazing experience from Lanna Kingdom. “Lanna is what the locals describe as the northern tradition culture of Thailand.” 


We recommended this two best places for Khantoke Dinner: Old Chiangmai and Khum Khantoke.

Old Chiangmai

Probably the most authentic Khantoke dinner in Chiang Mai. Old Chiangmai presents traditional dances of quality in an old wooden house. You will be entertained with hypnotic traditional Thai and Hilltribe dances and delicious northern Thailand food. Within a short distance away, with 30 years service they are surely that you would have an unforgettable time. Take your seat now!


THB 570.-/adult, THB 285.-/child under 135 cm.

THB 100.-/pax more for transportation (pick up time 6.30pm)

Dinning  at 7.00pm, daily (return around 9.30pm). 

Vegetarian is available on prior request.

Khum Khantoke

The perfection of its class. Experience Lanna dining with "Khantoke",serving  various kinds of authentic northern Thai dishes and national Thai food. Be entertained by hypnotic spectacular and fabulous classical dances from Northern Thailand and from around the nation. Take your place now!


THB 590.-/adult, THB 390.-/child under 120 cm or under 8 yrs

THB 100.-/pax more for transportation (pick up time 6.30pm)

Dinning  at 7.00pm, daily (return around 9.30pm). 

Vegetarian and Halal are available on prior request.


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