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Rice fields and one day local village with Mr. Pee

  • Green rice fields

  • (you will plant rice!)

  • Locust Farm

  • Weaving village

  • Traditional house

  • Thai Cooking Classes

  • Crafts (bamboo and coconut)

  • Mushroom farm

Good idea

for family

This is a unique opportunity to take you to a real local village in the northern of Thailand. Yes! I am talking about Lamphun province, It's not far from Chiang Mai. And Mr.Pee, who will bring you discover new exprience in a small village to meet new people (Especially, local people) A full day of activities you can do with your familly or your friends.


During the day you will be like a local people! Are you ready to share the experience with them? So, Mr. Pee will pick you up at the hotel and take you to them place where you will see view in the countryside. (from July to November, you will admire many rice fields) First, they will take you to cricket Farm. Then you will visit weaving village where you can indulge in traditional weaving. After that you will enjoy and take a rest at home's Mr. Pee, the thai wooden house and also you will laern how to cook and have lunch here. In the noon you are going to see them making traditional bamboo and coconut shell products. After that visit to mushroom farm. Before you back to Chiang Mai, you still have the opportunity to be a farmer, Mr. Pee will teach you how to plant rice. Then take you back to the hotel.


You will go back to the hotel with smile and We guarantee you an extraordinary experience in contact with the local people.


Mr. Pee said: "If you never come, you will never know!"

Price: THB 1,600.-/person

(THB 800.- for children 5 to 9 years old, 0 - 4 years old is free)

Green Sustainable Local, 

Sufficiency Economy and 

Thai village Life & Work


This tour to preserve the traditional Thai way of life, support for local conservation efforts, sustainable benefits to local communities, local participation in decision-making.


And this tour will take you opportunity to discover how Thai people really live. They will bring you into the daily lives of the Thai people in the countryside.

Traditional coconut shell products
Weaving village
Mushroom Farm
Cricket Farm
Cooking Thai food
Rice fields

Tour includes

  • Transportation

  • Lunch , seasonal fruits , drinking water, herbal tea, hot coffee

  • Learn how to cook Thai food * Free Recipe Book *

  • The benefit of the local people in the countryside 

  • T.A.T license and qualified guide

  • Accident Insurance


Tour not includes

  • Beer

  • Alcohol

Pick up at your hotel between 7.30 - 8.00 AM.

*Non contractual photos.

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